New land habitat great for hiking & walking your dog in Joshua Tree Ca

At last a nice place to walk your dog and enjoy Joshua Trees, rabbits, birds plus more.
A great place to hike and walk your dogs the Gateway Parcel, section 33, location and history is;

Land’s history
Section 33 covers 624 acres at the western border of Joshua Tree. It is bordered by Twentynine Palm Highway, La Contenta Road and Alta Loma Drive. In 2008, Steven Katz of CGR Investors announced plans to build commercial properties and 2,700 homes there. In 2010, the company defaulted on the land and it was put up for auction by the bank owner. Four auctions were held without a successful buyer, Nancy Karl of the Mojave Desert Land Trust said. The MDLT, with backing from the Marine Corps and the Public Land Trust, was then able to negotiate with the bank for the land.

Infromation from the Hi Desert Star and Mojave Desert Land Trust.

information from the Mojave Desert land site click here

Link to article in the hi desert star
But first, there’s work to be done.
Section 33 is not only home to 27 animal species, including rare hummingbirds and endangered tortoises. It’s also a dumping ground for construction waste, hazardous waste and household trash, Karl said.
“It’s ugly when you get down into the land,” she told the audience.
“We are going to clean this habitat up,” she promised.

True to their word the habitat, which was a free dumping ground by locals, was cleaned up and good to go; I am always looking for new locations to walk with by dog Nicholas and did walk the area before the clean up and the path way was such a mess that I gave it up; worried about my Dog cutting his paws on some of the junk all over the land; but now its wonderful, on the paths there is still some small broken glass spots to watch out for; my dog does not notice and I worry about cut paws; but it’s a great walk among the many Joshua Trees and rabbits and for the most part not many people (fine with me) but there are foot prints on the path way so the areas is being used which is good; so check it out it is a grand walk with nature.