Moringa Tree Farming in Califorina

Earth Wise Organic Farms is a Certified California Producer (#SBEP12049 ) of the Moringa Tree We harvest the fresh leaf ,then the leaves are dried in a controlled atmosphere to preserve the nutrients, we grind the leaf of the tree and bottle it in glass preserve jars .This Glass preserve jar insures freshness, also will not allow bacterial or microbial growth.
We also harvest, the root and stem,it is also dried and ground into powder
In the spring and Summer we offer at our markets Fresh Moringa leaf.
The Moringa Tree:leaf harvesting the proses we use at our farm to insure the finest quality of moringa in America
Harvesting of shoots and leaves

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About the the Moringa Leaf
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The moringa tree has a compound leaf: one leaf is made up of multiple leaflets
What is referred to here as a leaf is precisely multiple leaflets attached to the branches which stems from the branch (see the compound leaf
Manual harvesting of shoots and leaves with a pair of shears, a sickle or a sharp knife is used to harvest all shoots cut at the desired height, . This is our preferred method on a day to day harvest. to supply the farmers markets fresh Morimga leaf
Some of our farms require Mechanical harvesters example is in the high Desert of Joshua Tree The Moringa Tree thrives in summer heat and grows 9 to 10 feet in one growing season

Nutritional content

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Much of the plant is edible by humans or by farm animals. The leaves are rich in protein, vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin C and minerals.[5] 100g of fresh Moringa leaves have 8.3 g protein, 434 mg calcium, 404 mg potassium, 738 μg vitamin A, and 164 mg vitamin C.[6]
Feeding the high protein leaves to cattle has been shown to increase weight gain by up to 32% and milk production by 43 to 65%.[7] The seeds contain 30 to 40% oil that is high in oleic acid, while degreased meal is 61% protein.[8] The defatted meal is a flocculant and can be used in water purification to settle out sediments and undesirable organisms.[9]

We can supply you all the Moringa that you will need until your tree is mature
The best way to consume the leaf powder is in a tea ,(cold tea ) An example 16 oz of cold water to one tea spoon of Moringa powder, We suggest the a glass jar with a good fitting lid .Shake well to dissolve .
The best to you in health.

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