Things to know before you come to
Joshua Tree & the National Park

Sun Safety for Joshua Tree ca

Sun Safety
In the summer average is about 103 in winter as low as 24 a hot and cold desert.
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Residents, Migrants, and Nesters
Joshua Tree’s resident bird species, such as greater roadrunner, phainopepla, mockingbird, verdin, cactus wren, rock wren, mourning dove, Le Conte’s thrasher, and Gambel’s quail can be sighted in the park throughout the year. The park’s winter migrants: white-crowned sparrow, dark-eyed junco, sage sparrow, cedar waxwing, American robin, and hermit thrush will remain in the park into March. Along about the time the winter migratory species are departing, other species will begin to migrate into the area for spring and summer. This group includes summer nesting species such as Bendire’s thrasher, ash-throated flycatcher, western king bird, Scott’s oriole, northern oriole, and western bluebird.
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Joshua Tree National Park Joshua Tree National Park You Are Responsible
You are responsible for knowing and obeying park rules. Check at visitor centers, at entrance stations, on bulletin boards, and the Superintendent’s Compendium to find out what they are. When in doubt, ask a ranger.

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