Joshua Tree Downtown Nights adds new businesses to Art Crawl

Beer; one of the most favourite and popular words in a gentleman’s vocabulary and literally the best thing since sliced bread as they share a lot of the properties that go into their respective recipes. So, any true and discerning Stag Night should have this particular drink heavily involved at many of the different points and activities of the weekend and that the Stag himself should set the drinking benchmark above all else because if it wasn’t for him no-one would be there anyway. So what better way to set off a Stag Night evening than by arranging a veritable crusade that has long been a tradition of many a rowdy and fun-loving party; the pub crawl.

Yes gentlemen, it is time for you to try out the best that different drinking establishments have to offer by going through them one by one and treating yourself a sup or two of the various beverages that they have for your discerning palette to mull over. As it is the Stag weekend you need to make this particular pub crawl that extra bit special and not just have it as ‘just another’ pub excursion. So may our highly cultured and trained staff, make some suggestions to add that extra ingredient to make your pub crawl go just that bit better and heighten and accentuate its specialty.

First of all we suggest that you hold your pub crawl in a series of pubs that have at least a couple of real ales on the menu. We firmly believe that you can only experience true British brewing heritage by tasting some its fantastic real ales and they are sure to make the evening go a treat as your party becomes more accustomed and discerning and ale drinker as they get merrier throughout the evening. Second of all, add a few games that help keep the evening lively and keeps everyone entertained. These drinking games will also provide a myriad of stories that you can share with each other for months and years to come and also relay to all your other family and friends. Try popular games such as ‘pub golf’ where the higher the alcohol content and the quicker you drink the beverage the higher the score you get which is decided on a list before you all embark on the pub crawl. Furthermore, incur penalties such as being punished if you say the word ‘drink’, pointing at someone with your finger and other assorted frivolities.

However, another fantastic way to enjoy your pub crawl is to not have to worry about any designated drivers being allocated in your party as your traverse from pub to pub. Does this sound appealing?

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