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I Got A $60,000 Manicure


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Took My wife there for her nails, I got a great haircut,
Tom does excellent work.
When my wife was done with her nails at the shop she was
in such a great mood, we Had nothing but a fine time in town
visiting friends. Top rating for sure,
& Me and Wife had some love that night,
thanks to 29 Palms
Express Nails!
oh yea
back of the building they offer car and truck window tinting.
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The history of Nail Slalon business in America.

our face book page, ideas, news, fashion ++.

more fun on our yelp page, lots of photos.

29 Palms nail salon, 29 palms express nails, window tinting 29 palms, marine haircut 29 palms, haircuts 29 palms.


Jamming a Seaplane’s Engine into a 1930s Pickup
Jay Leno believes there’s a smokey reason why the 1939
Plymouth Radial Air came out of Colorado.

about the image

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The Manny Pedi
Once they get past the initial awkward feeling,
men discover the rewards of this pampering treatment.
Hey, LeBron James does it!

Pedicures are not just for ladies, but what should guys know before stepping into a salon? WSJ Off Duty men’s fashion editor Jacob Gallagher joins Tanya Rivero. Photo: iStock
May 12, 2016 1:25 p.m. ET
EACH DAY, countless customers visit one of Nadine Abramcyk’s Tenoverten nail salons in New York City and Austin to get their pedicure fix. But one important person in her life has yet to sit in a chair: her husband, Matt. “He feels a pedicure is something reserved for women to do,” Ms. Abramcyk said.

men & The Manny Pedi


Manicure for Men Tutorial

Manicure for Men Tutorial

Meet the Franchisor Offering Manly Pedicures

This story appears in the December 2015 issue of Entrepreneur. Subscribe »
Michael Elliot remembers the experience well. “A friend of mine thought I really needed a pedicure, but she didn’t know how to tell me,” says the Los Angeles screenwriter. “So she surprised me one day and took me to a salon packed with women.”

Elliot loved the foot treatment, but he was uncomfortable and embarrassed in the setting. As soon as he walked in, he says, he felt out of place. Soon the one other male customer in the shop came over and sat down.

“We started talking, and I told him I felt like a fish out of water and that I felt I was being judged and invading these women’s space,” Elliot says. “That guy felt the same way, and I started to wonder if other guys had a similar experience.”

Read the article Meet the Franchisor Offering Manly Pedicures

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Eating Disorder
Information & News.

About Eating Disorders

Eating Disorders news & Information


Eating disorder help by Sandra Backovich


About your Nails

about your nails, 29 Palms Nail Salon, Express Nails 29 Palms

How To Prep and Care for Your E-File Bits

January 19, 2017

So you bought some bits but you’re not sure how to take care of them. The Nail Hub’s Elizabeth Morris shows you exactly how to prevent cutting your client, how to properly clean your bits, and how to get longevity out of your bit collection.

How To Prep and Care for Your E-File Bits January 19, 2017Comments (0)Read This Later

2017 Nail Trend Forecast

2016 was the year of chrome, scorpion-embedded designs, and holo hysteria. Do these design elements have staying power for the coming year?

Influencers in the nail industry agree that when it comes to color, anything can go together. “Traditional nail rules are out the window in 2017, with splashy brights in the spring, and deep, dark colors in summer,” says session manicurist and founder of The Nailscape (www.thenailscape.com), Ashley Gregory. Swarovski Senior Vice President, Alexander Wellhoefer, agrees with the concept of rule-breaking color, calling this phenomenon a color “resurgence.” “In the nail arena the polar opposites of black and white will become strong. We will also see bursts of bright, almost neon and fluorescent colors used as highlights and backgrounds for nail embellishment,” says Wellhoefer. In addition to brights, OPI co-founder Suzi Weiss-Fischmann cites corals and blues as being particular standouts.

For clients who are maybe not so keen on color, try pairing tried and true favorites with bright pops. Wellhoefer recommends painting fiery reds, purples, and oranges on black-based nails. Fischmann recommends a strong, graphic design that can blend both bold and basic color for maximum impact. Looks like those seen at New York Fashion Week done by the OPI team are examples of wearable art that feature fun color choices. Gregory says clients can step out of their comfort zone by doing something as simple as upgrading from an accent nail to full-blown art on every nail. For those who are still timid, Morgan Haile and Taylor Daniel of Morgan Taylor recommend nail techs choose colors that are found in nature, such as berry, green, blue-green, hunter green, dusty blue, and mineral gray, with pops of yellow and pastel pink.

2017 Nail Trend Forecast, 29 palms nail salon, express nails 29 Palms CA


Mickey & Friends Nail Art January 18, 2017

Leigh Presley
Beautiful, all of them look amazing. Very talented nail artist.

29 Palms Nail Salon, Express Nails 29 Palms Ca, hi desert classifieds


Read All About the Nail Talk Radio Cruise! Holly Schippers January 17, 2017

have returned from the Nail Talk Radio Nail Those Profits cruise and there’s so much fun to share with you. It was nice to be off the grid for a bit and relax, as well as get some education and fun in the sun. The trip itself was an adventure in addition to everything that happened around it! Let’s delve into it from beginning to end and then you can find out how to make sure you are on it next year.

As cruisers were flying in the day before embarking on the ship, a tragedy occurred in the form of shootings at the local airport. Some were present, some stuck on planes, and many rerouted. We were fortunate that none in our nail family were harmed even though some were on the flight with the shooter. This event made the coming week more poignant, thankful to have careers we love, and a celebration of knowledge and family.

Before leaving the hotel, on the morning of the cruise, Pam Black of Famous Names was married to her fiancé Jason by Braden Jahr of Nail Talk Radio. Talk about a lucky nail tech, having a spouse who calls the nail cruise a honeymoon … anyone jealous!?! It was a beautiful ceremony with yours truly as one of the photographers and adorable Dadi lotion and oil gifts in organza bags matching the wedding colors. After the wedding it was time to grab a cupcake, your cruise swag backpack, and your luggage to load up on the bus and head for the ship.

Read more: Read All About the Nail Talk Radio Cruise!

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2017 Salon Today 200: Growth, Part 1
Stacey Soble | December 11, 2016 | 6:00 AM

By excelling in a number of best practices, a salon creates the momentum that engages teams, excites clients and results in growth. And, growth in turn provides the resources needed to reach future goals. Here are the first 50 2017 Salon Today 200 Honorees in the category of Growth.

Click here and read the full article.


Joshua Tree, 29 Palms, Yucca Valley, Palms Springs, Morongo Valley, hi desert, morongo basin CA, Cakes & Cookies

For Special Events, Special Food
Food gift ideas homemade local bakery, quiche, cake, pizza, bread, cookies & more.

Food gift ideas homemade local bakery, click here


29 Palms Express Nails
May all your dreams come true!

29 palms express nails, 29 palms nails, 29 palms nail salon


Western Food Yucca Valley CA

Larry & Milt's Western Calf, Yucca Valley CA, 58890 29 Palms Highway, across the street from walmart

Western Nail Art Cowboy design

Western Nail Art


Bombshell Pedicure

Bombshell Pedicure
On the Menu: Treat your client like the diva she is with this intensely hydrating, pampering, decadent pedicure. Your client will enjoy an exfoliating scrub, an emollient mask, a super-hydrating paraffin treatment, and a lengthy massage for ultimate relaxation.
by Tracy Rubert – Also by this author , managing editor December 16, 2016

click here for the full story.


How We Design the Salon Today 200 Cover
Stacey Soble | December 17, 2016 | 12:05 PM

Someone asked me earlier this year how we pick the owners we decide to feature on the SALON TODAY 200 cover. “Is it political, are you looking for people with the most influence?”
Sometimes, I wish it were that easy. Putting together our January/February cover is more like assembling a big jigsaw puzzle. Because we’re taking individual images that have been submitted from applicants all over the country, then clipping out headshots and trying to marry them together in a composite that somewhat looks like they posed together for a photoshoot, it’s actually quite complicated.
First, Joyce Alverio, our editorial coordinator who processes all the applications pulls all the images from the current class of honorees and produces contact sheets so it’s easier for our art director Himanshu Suthar and myself to see what we have to work with. This year there were 58 contact sheets with 16 images per sheet—that’s roughly 928 images to consider.

Read the full story click here.


Roundup: What did you learn in your first month out of nail school?

Your students have spent months in nail school and finally graduated; they’ve studied long and hard for the state board and passed it — but are they truly prepared for the real world of nails? We asked veteran nail techs to divulge the most important thing they learned fresh out of school.
by Tracy Rubert – Also by this author , managing editor December 15, 2016

Nail School article


Winter Nail Art With KUPA GelFinity
December 15, 2016

Watch Kupa Educator Ann Chang with Kupa TV Host explain time saving salon techniques using the KUPA GelFinity Hard Gel and GelFinity Gel Soak Off Base and Top Coat products.

Click here for the video



How to Apply Chrome Pigment Powder

Click for video.



Handout: How to Talk to a Client About Cracked Heels

Click here for the article.



Pinterest.com Nail Art Ideas

Nail Art Ideas

article by http://www.cuded.com/

Floral inspired nude nail art. Give life to your nude nails by adding white polish on the tips with flower details on them.
Nude Nail polish: Always trending
Owing to the fast changing trend of nail art, you might find it hard to keep up with what’s new for the season. However, you should feel bad because there are a lot of nail art designs that can be in season all the time. Yes, there are nail art designs that are always trending no matter how many new trends enter or how many seasons go by.
One of them is nude nail art. If you look at the nude nail art, you can see that it’s neat and clean. The art is elegant, well groomed and sharp. You won’t even find any chipping in your nails; they are perfect all year round. So if you’re tired of thinking about what type of nail art you can go with for a long amount of time, then nude nail art is the best option for you.Before, you can barely see ads or articles about nail art. Most of the time, things like hair care, skin care, and makeup and such were gracing the pages of fashion magazines as well as websites. However, nowadays that has changed drastically. You can now see theme after theme of nail art designs on magazines and online. You’d even be surprised at how many designs people can come up with in just a short span of time. Nail art design has become a healthy competition nowadays for the artists. The great thing about it is that we can get to choose from more nail art designs.The nail art design world is getting more attention and we get to see more colors being used for the designs. Then again, it doesn’t mean that nude nail art is out because of the singularity of its color, it actually does the opposite. Along with the influx of colorful nail art, nude nail art designs are starting to stand out. They are absolutely adorable and are something that you need to try on your own nails if you haven’t yet.

What to love about nude nail art designs
A lot of us like to match our nails with our fashion. However, there are times that this is quite hard to do and you simply don’t feel like changing your nail polish soon. They are also perfect if you don’t like getting a lot of nail polish for the colors to blend, nude nail polish just needs one shade and you’re good to go. Nude nail art is classic and will stay that way; it’s your go-to nail art when you wish to look sophisticated and in style; it never gets old. Another advantage of nude nail art makes your legs look leaner and longer. It gives out the illusion of long and smoother legs as compared to other nail polish colors. If you are wearing open toed heels or stilettos then combining them with your nude nail polish would simply be perfect. Do this both your hands and feet and you will look like a match well made by heaven.
How to pick the perfect shade of nude
What makes nude nail polish work is the right shade of nude that you choose. You don’t have to combine a bunch of colors to form the nude; all you need is the right type of shade to make everything work well. What’s important is you keep it to a complementary shade to your skin color. It’s kind of looking for a foundation or a concealer in nail polish form. You might undergo some testing in the first tries but eventually, you will get to discover the perfect shade just for you.Look for things like testers to determine if your choice is right. They may all look alike from afar but if you actually try them on, the difference is bizarre. This is why it is recommended to try them out rather than buying the wrong one, you can’t magically change your skin color to suit your nail polish, can you? That is why you need to be sure before buying a certain nude shade. If you can, try to see them in the sunlight, the natural light is your best judge. They can be tricky but you’ll get used to it.Choose a color that is a shade lighter than your skin tone. The nude shade should complement your skin rather than hide it. A good shade can help make your skin look glowing and healthy. If ever you pick the wrong shade of nude your hands will look slightly off, maybe darker in some areas, unhealthy and lifeless. The wrong nude shade can be the most horrible color you’d ever see in your life because of the way your skin tone simply rejects it. Therefore, take your time and examine the shades thoroughly before buying them.You can use your natural nails as guide for your nude shade hunting. No you can’t use clear polish to stand as your nude shade as it’s just not the same. Make your natural nail color as the basis for finding the perfect shade for you. They can be slightly pinkish, or yellowish or peachy. It depends on what your nails look like and since your nails complement your skin you won’t have to worry about their colors not looking good.
Nail Art Ideas from http://www.cuded.com/

Fashion: Did you know that nail art
was once a symbol of social status?

Nail Art from China
article by Caroline Diana
from Asia Times.com

8 Fun Facts That Will Justify Your Next Trip to the Nail Salon

What do Louis Philippe of France, Eleanor Roosevelt, and Rihanna have in common? You’d never believe it, but the members of this unlikely trio have all expressed love for a good manicure. In Nails: The Story of the Modern Manicure (Prestel USA), Costume Institute researcher and polish enthusiast Suzanne E. Shapiro traces the history of nail art from the French aristocracy to the revolutionary acrylic nail to today’s creative moon-shaped manis.

“Great nails are one-size-fits-all regardless of body type, ethnicity, or age and the easiest way to appropriate celebrity style to a T,” writes Shapiro. “It’s a fix without the peril of plastic surgery and flair without the permanence of a tattoo.” Read on for some of our favorite historical insights from Shapiro’s book that prove that a flawless manicure is one beauty trend that will never chip away.

French Kings Loved Their Manis

“The modern manicure as a service was born well into the 19th century, developing from the medical field rather than the world of beauty. A certain Monsieur Sitts served as pedicure to King Louis Philippe of France, ‘pedicure’ and ‘manicure’ signifying the person who plied the trade at this time.”

8 Fun Facts That Will Justify Your Next Trip to the Nail Salon

Nail Art from China
If you thought nail art was some urban trend that youngsters are crazy about, you are wrong.

The practice started tens of thousands of years ago. Biblical evidence suggests that women of those times painted their fingernails with henna juice. This is mentioned in the Song of Solomon, and the practice holds true in Middle Eastern culture even today.

In 3000 BC in China, nail art was a popular habit among both men and women. In fact, it was a symbol of social status. The aristocrats of the Ming Dynasty grew their nails long and protected these with golden nail guards. The long nail denoted that they were of superior birth and were not subject to menial labor.

The Chinese made a unique nail paint using egg whites, beeswax, vegetable dyes, and Arabic gum. Unlike the modern day nail enamel, the nail paints of the yore took couple of days to dry. The Chinese even entrusted servants to take care of the nails and groom them during special occasions.

Each dynasty had a unique color code. During the Ming Dynasty, the nails were painted red and black, and during the Chou Dynasty, gold and silver was the norm. The nobility also studded the nails with precious gems.

Luckily today, nail art is not as expensive as it used to be. The creativity has flourished and one could see constant innovation in designs. This trend is particularly noticed in countries like Japan, Thailand, Korea, and China. Women are experimenting with 3D designs. Character nail art is another popular trend catching up in Asia, US, and Europe. In this type of nail art, a face of a cartoon or a manga character is painted on the nail.

Fashion: Did you know that nail art was once a symbol of social status? BY CAROLINE DIANA on APRIL 25, 2016 in FASHION


Nail polish and mascara: beauty brands eye up Iran

When Dubai businesswoman Negin Fattahi-Dasmal opened the first branch of her luxurious nail salon chain in Iran this year, it was met with both excitement and scepticism among image-conscious young Iranians.

Despite — or perhaps partly because of — strict Islamic dress codes, cosmetics sales in Iran are among the highest in the Middle East.

Women are required to wear modest clothes and headscarves, but their faces and hands are not covered, and many express their individuality with lipstick, mascara and nail polish in styles that would seem elaborate by Western standards.

With most international economic sanctions now lifted after a nuclear agreement with world powers that took effect this year, Fattahi-Dasmal thinks it is time to bring in a high-end international brand.

Her chain of nail salons, N.Bar, already has a customer base among the thousands of well-off young Iranians who holiday in nearby Dubai, where they can sunbathe, shop and dress with relative freedom.

“For Iranian women it’s a sought-after brand,” Fattahi-Dasmal, an Iranian-born Emirati, said in an interview. “There have been a lot of counterfeit products in Iran. They are extremely hungry for anything that is real, genuine and imported from the West.”

Nonetheless, she said some customers were skeptical that the new Tehran branch could replicate the quality and consistency customers are used to in Dubai, where branches offer dozens of standardized treatments and stringent hygiene procedures.


Iran’s fashion-forward twenty-somethings have kept up with global trends on social media and travels abroad, skirting diplomatic isolation and domestic repression. Fattahi-Dansal says they are discerning consumers.

Even under sanctions, independent shops in the affluent northern districts of Tehran managed to obtain the latest seasonal collections of top global brands such as Dolce & Gabbana, Louis Vuitton, Gucci, and Roberto Cavalli.

Some of those luxury fashion brands are now entering Iran directly, and there could be similar opportunities for beauty and cosmetics — a market estimated by Iran’s parliament’s research center to be worth more than $4 billion a year.

But they could face resistance from conservative factions in the establishment, which enforce Islamic dress codes and are wary of allowing any perceived Western cultural influence into the country.

“The way women dress and look is still one of the red lines in the Islamic Republic,” said Afshin Sadeghizadeh, a brand management consultant in Tehran and former editor of Iran’s Style magazine.

“The brands going to Iran should be ready to face resistance from conservatives or even get shut down and expelled from Iran,” he said.

Nail polish and mascara: beauty brands eye up Iran DUBAI | BY HADEEL AL SAYEGH AND BOZORGMEHR SHARAFEDIN

[InternatioNAILS] Russia:
Delivering Choice and Customization
article by Sree Roy March 18, 2016

Post-Soviet Union, the largest country in the world has a flourishing beauty industry. Choice and customization in nails are cherished, as are bold colors and gels.
Moscow’s InterCHARM is the largest beauty industry event in Russia and Eastern Europe, connecting suppliers, manufacturers, distributors, retailers, salons, and independent professionals.

In the space of a generation, Russia’s beauty industry has entirely transformed. Before 1992, women were limited to the professional cosmetics provided within the confines of the Soviet regime. “It’s not that there weren’t any [cosmetics],” a women explained to Passport Magazine Moscow. “It’s that there wasn’t any choice. We all ended up looking and smelling exactly the same.” After the fall of the Soviet Union, the pent-up desires of beauty consumers in the world’s largest country were released — spurring the development of a still-growing beauty business.

In 2014, despite the country being in a recession, RBC Research estimated the Russian perfumery and cosmetics market at USD$14.6 billion (RUB555.1 billion), adding that the market grows by 6% to 12% annually and is “twice as dynamic as the global market.” Over the previous five years, the market grew by 73.6%, RBC Research states, with 40% of women using beauty salon services in 2014, up from 4% in the 2000s.

Russia is also home to InterCHARM, the largest professional beauty event not only in Russia but, in all of Eastern Europe. Held annually in Moscow, it boasted 919 exhibitors from 27 countries and 64,665 attendees in 2015. One of the 20 exhibit hall sections was dedicated to nails.
In the international nail community, Russian nail techs have a reputation for detailed, precise nail art and for placing highly in competitions such as the Nailympics. The reputation is well-earned, but in the day-to-day lives of regular Russian women, the true victory may be the ability to customize their nails, hair, and skin to their own individual tastes — and at prices to accommodate most budgets.
In the international nail community, Russian nail techs have a reputation for detailed, precise nail art and for placing highly in competitions such as the Nailympics. The reputation is well-earned, but in the day-to-day lives of regular Russian women, the true victory may be the ability to customize their nails, hair, and skin to their own individual tastes — and at prices to accommodate most budgets.

Post-Soviet Union, the largest country in the world has a flourishing beauty industry. Choice and customization in nails are cherished, as are bold colors and gels.

The St. Petersburg Stiletto

Elena Maltseva is a nail artist from St. Petersburg, Russia, who educates all over the world. She is an expert in gels, acrylics, and hand-painting, and is especially good at combining all three together to make spectacular nail designs. Maltseva has chosen an acrylic design here that is simple, yet very expensive-looking and rather easy-to-complete.

“I love to do miniature things, so nail art is perfect for me, and I love it because you are designing art on a living, breathing canvas. The nail is attached to a person, and I use little cues such as what the client is wearing, how her hair is designed, the color of her skin, and even the colors of the surrounding environment, to make a shape and nail art design just for her.”

Elena Maltseva is a nail artist from St. Petersburg, Russia, who educates all over the world. click here

Click here and view Elena Maltsseva’s Nail Art
Check out her work click here

Market Research from Nais Mag.com

Read our annual industry study, with information on market size, number of nail technicians, service prices, compensation survey, demographics, and top service trends.

Industry Statistics Highlights

Nails is a popular second career
92% of nail techs are on Pinterest; Snapchat rising at 32%
Nearly half of nail techs are 80-100% booked
Weathering the New York Times story
Half of family household income comes from you
Only 57% charge regularly for nail art
Acrylic prices continue downward trend

link to Industry Market research

Hair & Nail Salons in the US: Market Research Report

Market Research • Market Size • Industry Statistics •
Industry Analysis • Industry Trends

Hair & Nail Salons Market Research Report
| NAICS 81211 | Mar 2016

Fresh coat: Salons are expanding products and services, fueling industry revenue growth

IBISWorld’s Hair & Nail Salons market research report is a comprehensive guide to market size and growth prospects. Our industry reports offer strategic industry analysis of the factors influencing companies, including new product developments, economic, lifestyle and demographic influences, distribution and supply chain factors and pricing issues. Full analysis accompanies our data forecasts to illustrate how the market responds to emerging industry trends.

Industry Analysis & Industry Trends
Operators in the Hair and Nail Salons industry have begun to offer a variety of new products and services to boost revenue and leverage rising consumer spending. As a result, industry revenue has grown over the past five years. In the coming years, demand for industry services is expected to accelerate thanks to improving disposable income. Declining unemployment over the next five years is expected to drive per capita disposable income growth and boost demand for price-premium services offered by this industry… purchase to read more
Industry Report – Industry Investment Chapter
The Hair and Nail Salons industry has a low level of capital intensity. This is similar to other personal service industries, which are labor-intensive. In 2016, for every dollar spent on wages, operators will spend an estimated $0.04 in capital investment. As a personal service industry, the industry relies heavily on labor and there are not many opportunities for increased mechanization.

Hair & Nail salons Market Research Report 2016


NAILS CENTER UNITED STATES Magazine started doing research on the professional nail industry in 1990, publishing what we called then The NAILS Fact Book. We ran four pages of information that we got from an industry association and included an entire entry on nail jewelry and “artificial nails.” In 2015, we collect nearly all our own data and have broken down the “artificial nails” category into five individual areas. 1990 was my first year with the magazine and compiling this important industry data has been my personal privilege for 25 years. It has become a little more work every year, but I hope it continues to be valuable to our readers. I know just how closely people follow these statistics because of the calls we get from readers. We received an email several months ago from a nail tech who was facing a tax audit and was relying on information published in last year’s Big Book to get her out of a very serious situation.

In honor of the 25th anniversary of our publishing the industry’s only market statistics, we’ve gone back to look at the most significant changes in the market. In some cases, there has been very little change (which is dispiriting because the areas that haven’t changed enough, in our opinion, are the prices for your services). The areas of greatest change are in new services and web resources (not only was Instagram not on the radar in 1990, the internet itself wasn’t!).

We faced a controversy this year with the publication of a New York Times article on nail salons, exploited workers, and health concerns. The article was widely circulated in the spring, caused an uproar in our circle, but then died down considerably. But even that hasn’t changed much in 25 years: In 1990 there were plenty of consumer news stories outlining what was wrong with nail salons and most of them, as now, centered around salons that were operating illegally (and in the case this year, immorally). You’ll see on the opposite page how the article impacted both our readers and their customers.

I thank those of you who responded to the surveys that helped us compile this information and to those of you who stay in touch with us and share your challenges and successes. What hasn’t changed one iota in 25 years is the deep commitment and genuine love that nail professionals have for their work, their clients, and their colleagues. I won’t be here 25 years hence, but I know that will never change.

NAILS INDUSTRY OUTLOOK 2016 read the full article by Steve John click here

Download New Nail Salon Safety Fact Sheets

The California State Board of Barbering and Cosmetology has announced that Cal/OSHA recently published a new fact sheet for Working Safely in Nail Salons.
by Tracy Rubert
The California State Board of Barbering and Cosmetology has announced that Cal/OSHA recently published a new fact sheet for Working Safely in Nail Salons.

Developing and Implementing IIPP (Injury and Illness Prevention Program)
Working Safely with Chemicals
Providing Ventilation to Bring In Fresh Air
Avoiding Pain and Improving Ergonomics
Preventing Heat Illness
Preventing Exposure to Infectious Diseases
Preventing Electrical and Other Safety Hazards
Preventing Workplace Violence

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The Price of Nice Nails

Manicurists are routinely underpaid and exploited and endure
ethnic bias and other abuse, The New York Times has found.

The women begin to arrive just before 8 a.m., every day and without fail, until there are thickets of young Asian and Hispanic women on nearly every street corner along the main roads of Flushing, Queens.

As if on cue, cavalcades of battered Ford Econoline vans grumble to the curbs, and the women jump in. It is the start of another workday for legions of New York City’s manicurists, who are hurtled to nail salons across three states. They will not return until late at night, after working 10- to 12-hour shifts, hunched over fingers and toes.

On a morning last May, Jing Ren, a 20-year-old who had recently arrived from China, stood among them for the first time, headed to a job at a salon in a Long Island strip mall. Her hair neat and glasses perpetually askew, she clutched her lunch and a packet of nail tools that manicurists must bring from job to job.

NY Times articleMore from 29 Palms Express Nails about Nails and art.

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